Expert management

Life Care Services is a privately held, employee-owned company whose business focus is providing senior-based housing and services. Life Care Services develops, manages and owns senior living communities throughout the United States. Life Care Services is dedicated to providing the backdrop, through services, amenities and health services, so seniors can go about living their lives just as they would want. Because of this solid leadership by Life Care Services, Casa assures you a consistently superior experience with continual enhancements and the latest innovations.

Solid leadership … paving the way for your future

Through a devoted team approach combining the expertise of the Board of Directors, management and residents, Casa assures you a consistently superior experience with continual enhancements and the latest innovations. Casa has the distinct advantage of management by Life Care Services – the national leader in the development and management of senior living communities.

Executive Council

The Casa Executive Council consists of a group of residents elected by their peers. The council communicates with resident committees and the Casa Resident Association through regularly scheduled and broadcast meetings.

Casa de las Campanas Financial Report

Report of Independent Auditors and Consolidated Financial Statements. Management is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these consolidated financial statements in accordance with accounting principles generally accepted in the United States of America.

The Management Company

Kim Dominy

Executive Director

Kimberly Finch Dominy is the Executive Director at Casa de las Campanas with Life Care Services, LLC (LCS). Kim has been with LCS since 1996 and has served in various Administrator positions throughout the country. She has been at Casa since January 2008 and was Casa’s Health Care Administrator from 1998-2001. Kim is a graduate of the University of Rochester with a B.A. in Psychology. She also holds a Master of Science in Public Administration/Gerontology from the University of Arizona. Kim’s health care and management experience prior to LCS was in various positions at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. She is a licensed Nursing Home Administrator as well as a licensed Preceptor. She is also licensed as a RCFE Administrator. She has previously held licensure in the States of Connecticut, Arizona and Florida.

Chris Burk


Chris Burk is the Administrator of Casa de las Campanas with Life Care Services, LLC (LCS). He started at Casa as Associate Administrator in January 2015 and was promoted to Administrator in October 2015. As Administrator, he oversees the various levels of health care services at Casa. Chris has worked in the long-term care Industry for over 7 years in both Indiana and California. He is an Indiana native and a graduate of Indiana University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration with a concentration in long-term care. Chris is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator in the state of California.

Jill Sorenson

Sr. VP/Sr. Director of Operations Management

Jill Sorenson is the Sr. VP/Sr. Director of Operations Management with Life Care Services, LLC (LCS). Jill began her career with Life Care Services in June 1982 at the corporate office in Des Moines, Iowa. After 15 years at the LCS corporate office working in the areas of Accounting, IT Liaison, and Corporate Resource Manager, Jill transferred to San Diego to work at Casa de las Campanas in 1997. She served as Administrator and then Executive Director, and eventually was promoted to Director of Operations Management in 2007, Vice President in 2010, VP/Sr. Director of Operations Management in 2011, and Sr. VP/Sr. Director of Operations Management in 2013. In her role as Sr. DOM, Jill provides oversight and acts as the account manager for several communities located in Arizona, California, Oregon, Texas, and Hawaii. Jill has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, and has also earned her MBA. She holds current California RCFE and NHA licenses.

Rick W. Exline

Executive Vice President of Operations Life Care Services

Mr. Exline is Executive Vice President of Operations for Life Care Services.  Mr. Exline graduated from Simpson College in Indianola, Iowa, with a Bachelors degree in Political Science and from Oklahoma Baptist University with a Bachelors degree in Health Care Administration.  He is also a graduate of the Executive Institute at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Mr. Exline joined Life Care Services in September 1978 and held several Administrator positions.  In March 1987, Mr. Exline became a Director of Operations Management.  In May 1989 he was promoted to Vice President.  He was named Senior Vice President of Operations / Senior Director of Operations Management in 2000.  In 2011 he was promoted to Executive Vice President of Operations. He serves on the Life Care Companies LLC Board of Managers and on the Board of Directors for LCS Holdings, Inc. and chairs the Executive Leadership Team and Operations Management Team. Mr. Exline is a trustee for the Company’s 401K Benefit Program and serves as the Board Chairman of Wyndemere LLC, a full service CCRC located in Wheaton, Illinois.

Casa Leadership Team

  • Kim Dominy, Executive Director
  • Chris Burk, Administrator
  • Dave Johnson, Chief Financial Officer
  • Stacy Armacost, Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Brittany Barnes, Director of Activities
  • Karen Dannies, Director of Residential Health
  • Monica Furgiuele, Director of Resident Services
  • Jamie Gerkowski, Food and Beverage Director
  • Shila Jurado, Director of Assisted Living and Special Care Residence
  • Stuart Lyle, Facilities Director
  • Ginger Lyon, Director of Human Resources
  • Matilda Mangan, Director of Nursing
  • Mary Ann Reyes, Director of Environmental Services
  • Margarita Santos, Director of Administrative Services

Executive Council 2016

  • Denny Shea, President
  • Sonny Googins, Vice President
  • Maxine Anttila, Secretary
  • Ken Waters, Treasurer
  • Tom Adikes, Member
  • Lorelee Mogg, Member
  • Dorothy Risheberger, Member
  • Rz Norris, Member
  • Don Smith, Member