Independent Living

Free to do exactly as you please

Imagine your days filled with the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do. That’s the pleasure and freedom of independent living at Casa.

Free from hassles

Its hard to find qualified home repair at a fair price. At Casa, it’s all included hassle-free. We provide expert maintenance, groundskeeping and housekeeping services. See our full list of services.

Free to fully experience life

At Casa, your “to-do” list takes on a whole new meaning: interesting things to do, people to see and activities to enjoy, both within Casa and the greater Rancho Bernardo community.

Free to enjoy this beautiful setting

Nestled among the rolling hills of northern San Diego County, Casa overlooks Lake Hodges, distant mountains and a western sky alive with painted sunsets. Our beautiful campus is adjacent to the 170-acre Rancho Bernardo community park and Ed Brown Senior Center. Plus, there are 10 golf courses within a 15-minute drive.

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