If I designed a senior community it would be Casa de las Campanas. I can’t think of any other place I would like to live. Julius is an artist, he and his wife, Ginny, moved to Casa de las Campanas from Manhattan Beach and he now teaches an art workshop at Casa. He is prolific in his watercolor paintings of Casa de las Campanas. He has a unique ability to capture Casa and the surrounding area with an incredible eye for its beauty. Note: The watercolor image is not a painting by Julius Schwartz. The artist is Tom Tideman, local artist to San Diego but not a Casa resident.”

Julius and Ginny Schwartz

Casa de las Campanas is: Contagious! Advantageous! Serenely secure! A “home” beyond expectation! It was comforting to experience an immediate “warm welcome” with added caring and sharing. Thankfully, I noted first-hand the ready willingness in various departments to assist new residents. I am at Casa de las Campanas with a grateful heart wishing I had moved in years ago. While reading the 25-year history in the library about the vision of retirement for teachers, I began to appreciate what 2012 now offers to us.”

Lucie Grauf

We looked into several other retirement communities in the San Diego, but we didn’t find one that appealed to us as well as Casa de las Campanas. We made comparisons of the different retirement communities and found that Casa de las Campanas had the things that interested us the most and was located in a familiar area for us. We find it a very friendly atmosphere. The meals are outstanding and the staff is very friendly and helpful. Everything we need is right here and we remain confident that we made the right decision to come to Casa de las Campanas. ”

(Bob and Maxine, moved to Casa from Scripps Ranch here in San Diego.)

Bob and Maxine Anttila

We were on the waiting list for a while but our move in day arrived and we did it. As the first month passed, our biggest surprise was not the pleasant Casa surroundings; the excellent recreational area around Casa; the excellent food; the many Casa driven activities; the transportation options; the friendly staff but the other residents that are busy, active, open, friendly, warm and full of laughter. We had made so many new friends that we never lack for companionship.”

Fred and Jody Grawey

As a relatively new resident to Casa, my only regret is that I didn’t move here years ago. I have a comfortable apartment and a beautiful view of a lake and hills from my balcony. I can be as active or as laid-back as I wish; there are so many programs, trips, clubs and activities that it’s a good thing I’m retired. There is no way I’d have time for a full-time job! The food is both nutritious and delicious; serve yourself or be served. Coming from Pennsylvania I truly appreciate the delightful San Diego climate. I also have the advantage of having lived in a retirement community there before relocating to be close to my daughter. I really appreciate the difference in management between there and here. Casa is well managed and fiscally sound. Another great advantage is the friendliness of residents and the helpful and competent staff. I am already leading a group of residents as we write the memories of our Life’s Journey. Working with the Activities Committee and Casa’s Activities Director gives me many opportunities for pleasure and service. Don’t wait; come to Casa and be part of a new era of your life.”

Syvilla Fry

My mother and I moved to Casa de las Campanas in mid-2012 after six years in another retirement community, and there’s absolutely no comparison!  Our apartment is so much more spacious — especially in the living room (and adjacent dining area) and the kitchen.  The buildings and grounds are so beautiful and well maintained…and we really value the access to on-site health care.  About a month ago, my mother wasn’t feeling well.  It was late (after 10 p.m.) when we called the Wellness Center.  Two LPNs came to our home, evaluated Mom and determined she should be hospitalized.  Once Mom recovered and returned home, Wellness Center staff checked in with her four times a day for nearly a full week to make sure she was doing well.  I can’t say enough good things about the care and attention the staff provided to Mom…and Mom agrees.  We are very happy to call Casa our home.”

Joyce Grayson

Robert and I opted to sign right then and there on that day in 1999, even though Casa was the first Continuing Care facility we looked at.  We’ve been glad ever since for the first seven years.  I am by myself since 2007 and continue to confirm the wisdom of that day.

Let me count some of the ways:

Location near a senior center and a beautiful park, close to a freeway entrance to get anywhere in town.

Multiple options to engage in activities physical, intellectual, and in between both social and solo.

Excellent quality, selection, and variety of foods to nourish body, and mind, and company of ones choice at mealtime.

Maintenance of independence for as long as possible, and being a burden on family members.

Scheduled transportation for medical needs, shopping loops, and outings to theaters.

Financially practical: comparing all expenses of maintaining a private household Casa makes good sense.

The cross country move to Casa has given me the freedom to do some of the things that I was putting off for “someday” and now I can do them without guilt of neglecting the housekeeping.  The journey is an adventure, I enjoy being here.”

Ruth Hohberg

I love living at the Casa for so many reasons it would be a book when I got done.  But I will try to highlight a few:

My husband and I worked hard all our lives and planned for our retirement because we wanted it to be special. When we retired, we traveled quite a bit and enjoyed it while we were physically fit to travel the world.

When we talked about retirement my husband said:  I don’t want to pay property taxes, utility bills, have to be fixing things all the time, in other words I do not want a house.

I said I want to be free to volunteer all I want and not worry about housekeeping, changing beds, a lot of cooking, I want to live in a resort, and let them take care of me. We have one daughter, one son-in-law and one Granddaughter I love them enough to not want them to have to take care of us, I want them to be able to live their dreams, but I want to be close to them.

Solution= The Casa de las Campanas! Everything we need and want is here in First Class.

We knew people who lived here and loved it.  With the different levels of care and Security, being in Ranch Bernardo, it was the RX for us. We have been here for five years and happy every day!”

Donna and Bill Prather