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5 Common Misconceptions about Senior Living in San Diego

senior woman petting her dog

The new year offers the chance to make a fresh start, and for older adults who are considering downsizing — or rightsizing — this is the ideal time to begin exploring senior living options. Often, however, the first step to considering a move to a senior living community in San Diego is dispelling some of the common myths about senior living.

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Myth #1: I’ll Have to Give Up My Independence

Moving to a senior living community isn’t about giving anything up. In fact, senior living communities offer residents more than they can typically expect if they stay in their homes — more conveniences, more services, more amenities, more social connection, and more security.

At Casa de las Campanas, senior apartments give residents their own private haven, while on-campus amenities, such as our two dog parks, putting green and multiple dining venues, offer a selection of perks to enjoy whenever you choose. And if you’re looking for lock-and-leave convenience while you travel, our 24/7 campus security ensures that your home and belongings are protected while you enjoy your adventures.

Myth #2: I’ll Be Bored

It is difficult to be bored in a senior living community. These are busy hubs of activity where you’ll find a variety of pursuits that pique your interest, new friends to spend time with, and a host of wellness opportunities that support health and well-being. More than 40 resident committees influence every aspect of Casa. These seniors bring their skills, insight and strategic thinking to make our community better.

In a typical day at Casa de las Campanas, you might enjoy morning coffee in your apartment while you catch up on the news, attend an aquatic fitness class, meet a friend at the Bistro for lunch, spend the afternoon in the arts and crafts studio, and discuss the newest bestseller with your book club after dinner. And that’s just if you spend your day on campus. The surrounding area offers opportunities to hike, bike, golf,birdwatch, and volunteer in the local community.

Myth #3: Retirement Communities Are Only for People Who Are Retired

It’s an understandable misconception given the fact that “retirement” is in the name, but the reality is that a retirement community can be the perfect setting for older adults who are semi-retired or still engaged in full-time work.

At Casa de las Campanas, the maintenance-free lifestyle gives residents more time to do what matters most to them, whether that’s working full time, pursuing a second career, volunteering, participating in resident committees, or simply kicking back and relaxing.

Myth #4: Senior Living Is for People with Health Problems

Independent living in a senior living community is designed for healthy, active older adults who want to live an on-the-go, purpose-filled lifestyle. In senior living communities that are also Life Plan Communities, a culture of wellness supports healthy lifestyle choices, and residents report greater overall wellness than their counterparts who live in the community at large.

Casa de las Campanas embraces a philosophy that fosters eight dimensions of wellness, including physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational and environmental wellness, plus health services, which give you convenient access to necessary health care.

In addition, as a Life Plan Community, we offer a continuum of care, so that independent living residents have access to on-campus assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, if their health needs ever change.

Myth #5: Senior Living Is Too Expensive

Moving to a Life Plan Community that offers a Type A Continuing Care Plan may be a sound financial decision that saves you money in the long run. Although you’ll pay a one-time entrance fee and an ongoing monthly fee, you’ll enjoy all the perks of a comfortable home and active lifestyle in independent living, knowing that, should your health needs change, you’ll have priority access to higher levels of care with little increase in your monthly cost. This can offer significant protection from the rising cost of health care.

Casa de las Campanas is the only not-for-profit Type A Life Plan Community in San Diego County. That means that independent living residents lock in long-term care at a predictable rate — care that will always be available to them if and when they need it. What’s more, residents who outlive their ability to pay are able to stay in the community for life, financed by the Casa de las Campanas benevolent fund.

See Casa de las Campanas for Yourself

Nothing dispels myths more quickly than firsthand experience. If you’re curious about the advantages of senior living and want to see how the reality compares to the myths, visit Casa de las Campanas and see for yourself. We think you’ll find that the beautiful surroundings, vibrant lifestyle, and sound plan for the future will suit you to a tee. Contact us to find out more or to schedule a visit.