Whole Person Health and Wellness

True Wellness Means Whole-Person Health

Whole-person health combines many facets of your life and your sense of self. At Casa, we follow Eight Dimensions of Wellness and consider them as we select and design elements of our wellness program.

We handle home maintenance and housekeeping, so you can tend to more important things — like you.

Eight Dimensions of Wellness

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Physical: Physical Wellness involves your bodily health. Your nutrition fuels your internal systems and gives you energy. You find exercise options that increase your strength and stamina without feeling like a chore. At Casa, you can enjoy our fitness center, exercise classes, or beautiful hikes along the Coast to Coast Trail.

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Emotional: Emotional Wellness improves your ability to handle your feelings constructively and grow from experiences. Self-care and stress reduction are important factors in developing personal strength.

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Intellectual: Intellectual Wellness speaks to your capacity to approach new ideas with an open mind. Learning new concepts, taking on challenges, and sharpening your skills keep your brain “in shape.” At Casa, you can try a new hobby, attend interesting lectures or join a book club.

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Spiritual: Spiritual Wellness encompasses any system of beliefs, morals or values. Spiritual expressions may include volunteering, choosing optimism, practicing religion, meditating, and spreading compassion. All residents have access to supportive pastoral care.

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Social: Social Wellness is built through fulfilling relationships, meaningful interactions and healthy self-expression. Social wellness helps you build important support systems and contribute to your mental health. Share meals, hikes, card games and movie nights with friends and neighbors at the community. Or you can elect to have quiet time to yourself. At Casa, it’s always your choice.

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Occupational: Occupational Wellness is the balance you strike between productive pursuits and recreational activities. Even in retirement, volunteering, committee work or mentorship can provide an important sense of purpose. Residents at Casa serve the homeless and knit hats for premature babies. There are also over 40 resident committees that allow each senior to use their unique talents to improve Casa.

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Environmental: Environmental Wellness means your surroundings add to your quality of life. Your setting is clean, safe, well maintained and visually appealing. Regular housekeeping and maintenance keep our campus beautiful, and seasonal decorations create a festive spirit throughout the year.

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Health Services: Health Services, of course, refers to your easy access to necessary health care — whether you can quickly and thoroughly address challenges that arise and keep chronic conditions under control. Our full continuum of senior care provides the wide-ranging support you’ll need, no matter how your health needs change in the future.

Your wellbeing requires more than an occasional walk around the block. Whole-person wellness calls for a fulfilling, well-rounded lifestyle. While the day-to-day experience may look a little different for each individual, depending on their preferences, the foundational tenets behind our wellness program can serve every resident.

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