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Enjoy a Retirement Community While Young

residents swimming in pool

5 Reasons for Young, Active Seniors to Choose a Retirement Community

If you think you’re not old enough to move into a retirement community, you’re not alone. Many active, younger seniors feel this way. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that 79% of people surveyed said a person is old at age 85. And since most people over 50 say they feel at least 10 years younger, you may not think it’s time for a retirement community until you’re 95. But if you wait that long, you might have regrets as you watch the frolics of the 65-year-olds who are taking full advantage of everything a full-service retirement community San Diego has to offer. As it turns out, there are significant reasons to move into a retirement community at a younger age.

Reason #1: Enjoyment

Retirement is for kicking back or kicking up your heels and doing what you love, and there’s so much opportunity for both in a retirement community. Amenities, programs and services just outside your front door make it easy to fill your days with the activities you love. You can enjoy a summer camp experience all year round. Of course, a purpose-driven life also brings joy, and most retirement communities participate in programs that allow residents to share their gifts, talents and time in the surrounding area.

Casa de las Campanas is an amenity-rich community with indoor and outdoor pools, a woodworking shop, an arts and crafts studio, bocce court, putting green and two dog parks. And that’s just within the community! Located in the rolling hills of the San Pasqual Valley near the 170-acre Rancho Bernardo Nature Preserve, we’re a paradise for outdoors enthusiasts. And because of our founders’ belief in giving back to the community, Casa residents find it easy to get involved in community services like providing meals to the homeless or supporting local schools.

Reason #2: Well-being

The Age Well Study found that seniors who live in Life Plan Communities report greater emotional, social, physical, intellectual and vocational wellness than their counterparts in the community at large. The reason may be in part because the activities that support whole-person health are readily accessible in a retirement community.

Understanding that well-being is multidimensional, Casa de las Campanas has created a wellness program that supports eight dimensions of wellness: physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, environmental, and health services. At Casa, residents have access to the activities, services and setting that support successful aging.

Reason #3: Hassle-free Lifestyle

Retirement is about enjoying your time more thoroughly. But the headaches of homeownership — lawn maintenance, house cleaning, routine upkeep and the inevitable repairs — can interfere with that enjoyment. With a maintenance-free lifestyle in a retirement community, you can wash your hands of these daily chores and enjoy a newfound freedom.

At Casa de las Campanas, services like housekeeping, flat linen services, maintenance, and chef-prepared meals mean a lot of the items on your to-do list are checked off for you, so you have more time to enjoy the people, pastimes and pursuits you love.

Reason #4: Connection

Adult children get busy, work friends can disappear after retirement and neighbors move away. It’s no wonder the once-familiar network of social ties can fray, leaving older adults vulnerable to isolation and loneliness. The bustling scene at a retirement community can ward off loneliness. Opportunities to connect with others — at dining venues, through classes, in the pool — abound.

Community is a core focus at Casa de las Campanas. You’ll meet neighbors, make new friends and get to know staff, giving you a sense of belonging, connection and camaraderie.

Reason #5: The Security of a Sound Plan

Retirement can mean decades of freedom to enjoy greater leisure, self-directed purpose, family, friends and the pleasures of life. But a realist knows that unforeseen health problems can disrupt the fancy-free retirement lifestyle. Having a plan for the less pleasant possibilities in life can give you enormous peace of mind. A retirement community that is also a Life Plan Community offers a continuum of care, so if bumps in the roadof life derail you for the short term or the long haul, you have access to the care you need within the same community.

Casa de las Campanas is the only not-for-profit Type A Life Plan Community in San Diego. We offer a Type A Continuing Care Plan, so if your health care needs change, you can easily transition between different levels of care, including assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing, with no increase to monthly fees. And Casa’s benevolent fund ensures that if a resident runs out of money through no fault of their own, their  care is covered. The catch? To take advantage of Casa’s promise of care for life, residents must join the community while they’re in good health — yet another reason to consider moving to a retirement community sooner rather than later!

Want to Learn More?

Casa de las Campanas offers the many benefits of a full-service senior living community in San Diego — a welcoming atmosphere and our unbeatable promise: the care you need for life. Contact us to find out more and to set up a personal tour.