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Thriving Together While in Crisis: The Social Benefits of Life Plan Communities

steve and pat memorial day

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another,

‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'” C.S. Lewis


As we navigate the twists and turns of life, unforeseen health crises can often pose significant challenges, especially for older adults. In the embrace of life plan communities, however, residents find a unique strength in the social bonds that have been cultivated within these supportive senior living communities. In this blog, we’ll explore the exceptional social benefits and unwavering support that residents receive during health crises, demonstrating how life plan communities become havens of care and companionship in challenging times.


This is our story about a couple, Steve and Pat, who chose Casa de las Campanas because it is a Type-A Not-for-Profit Life Plan community and they wanted a plan in place on how to transition and manage care as they aged. What they didn’t know, is they would benefit while in independent living, long before a move to assisted living, memory care or skilled nursing was needed.


pat norteDuring a routine physical exam, Pat was diagnosed with breast cancer. Initially Pat and Steve experienced the common fears related to treatment, potential outcomes and the impact on one’s life. While the staff at Casa was very supportive, what totally surprised and impressed Pat & Steve was the overwhelming positive support Pat received from the other resident friends she had made at Casa. It turned out that a significant number of women at Casa had their own experience with breast cancer and as a result were eager to provide information on their struggle with the disease and how they had dealt with treatment decisions about surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and the other aspects of their care.


Besides receiving great advice about treatment, the emotional support from Casa friends was invaluable. Whether it’s was a listening ear, a shoulder to lean on or someone to share a comforting conversation with, the presence and understanding of friends helped Pat thrive during this difficult time.


Another benefit the couple found significant as they navigated Pat’s care, treatment and recovery was Casa’s transportation system. Casa’s concierge shuttle service is provided at no change and runs every half hour to all the nearby doctor’s offices and medical clinics. This service allowed Steve the ability to focus on Pat, not traffic!


Pat has survived breast cancer and is in remission and she gives partial credit to her amazing resident friends at Casa who supported her in this journey.


The residents at Casa tell their friends and family that Casa is the friendliest retirement community in San Diego. Steve and Pat very much agree and say, “there is no other place we would want to be to enjoy the best years of their lives.”