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What Is Independent Living?

Senior men playing chess in retirement community San diego.

During retirement years, older adults begin to hear more about senior independent living. Maybe they see more ads or hear about friends who have made the move, and some are left wondering, “What is independent living, anyway?” With a little research, they discover that independent living is, above all else, an opportunity to live the way they want.

What Is Independent Living in San Diego?

Senior independent living is a residence option for healthy, active seniors who don’t currently need daily health services. But that is only the most basic definition.

Independent living is freedom from daily chores. With this living option, adults can forgo home maintenance; a helpful team of senior living professionals see to the upkeep. Residents enjoy regular housekeeping services, and they can skip cooking and dishwashing as often as they choose. Even if they could clean gutters or unclog sinks, independent living residents are choosing to focus their time and energy on the aspects of their lives that bring them the most joy.

Independent living is a well-rounded lifestyle. Residents have convenient access to a fitness center and exercise classes optimized for seniors. To engage residents’ intellects, communities will often bring in interesting programming, speakers and entertainment. Special-interest clubs and committees provide outlets to pursue passions and influence choices that affect their community. And volunteer opportunities give residents the chance to serve causes they care about.

Independent living is a place to form and nurture relationships. Surrounded by interesting neighbors and welcoming team members, many residents draw support and find joy in meaningful friendships. While residents of an independent living community can have as much privacy as they prefer, many older adults find the varied dining venues, classes and clubs are great settings to grow their relationships.

Why Choose Independent Living at a Life Plan Community?

Life Plan Communities (also known as continuing care retirement communities or CCRCs) are retirement communities that offer independent living, as well as a continuum of health care services. One advantage of this kind of residency model is the ease with which independent living residents can transition to higher levels of senior care if their needs change. Residents may not require extra support when they move into the community, but they find peace of mind in knowing they have a smart plan if they ever do.

At Life Plan Communities like Casa de las Campanas, health care services are provided on the same campus as independent living. This consistency is comforting for residents who transition to levels of care. They stay on the campus that has become home, close to clubs, committees and friends.

What Is Independent Living Like at Casa de las Campanas?

At Casa, independent living is what you make it. We provide comprehensive amenities and services on a beautiful campus. But what brings the community to life are the connections between residents and team members. Friendships blossom, passions are stoked, and imaginations are ignited.

But if you want to know what senior independent living is like at Casa, we invite you to come by and see for yourself. Contact us — we would be happy to show you around and introduce you to all there is to love here.