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10 Decorating Ideas to Make Your One-Bedroom Senior Apartment Feel Like Home

A senior woman holds a cactus near a shelf full of green house plants.

Planning your move to a senior living apartment? We’re here to help! Knowing what to expect when furnishing and decorating a one-bedroom apartment can help you overcome any hurdles you may encounter along the way. You want your residence to be your comfort zone — a retreat where you can relax and be yourself with all the comforts of home. Here are 10 decorating tips to create a space you’ll love:

  1. 1. Rightsize your furniture.

    Finding the right furniture for your one-bedroom apartment is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when designing and decorating your new home. Keep in mind that oversized furniture can make a one-bedroom apartment feel crowded, so you may want to shop for some new rightsized pieces designed for smaller spaces. For example, you could choose a compact kitchen table with a hidden leaf extension, or opt for stylish side tables instead of a large coffee table. If there’s a sofa that catches your eye, consider the loveseat version instead of the full size. Before bringing furniture to your new place, take measurements to ensure each item will fit as expected.

  1. 2. Define living zones.

    Moving to an open concept senior apartment is a significant change if you’re used to a home with walls separating your kitchen, dining and living room areas. Consider using rugs and strategic placement of furniture to clearly define zones in your new apartment.

  1. 3. Choose colors wisely.

    Your new apartment is a blank canvas, and the choices you make about color will set the tone for everything else. Keep it simple and straightforward with neutral shades and soft colors. Using bold and bright colors — or too many colors — can make the space feel cluttered or busy. However, you can make a room pop with an accent color that’s well placed and not overdone.

  1. 4. Emphasize large artwork.

    Choose a large piece of artwork you love to be the centerpiece of your living room or bedroom. Too many frames on walls can add visual clutter and make a space feel larger, whereas a single large piece of art can be a defining element that creates a feeling of openness.

  1. 5. Brighten the room with lighting.

    The right lighting can open up smaller spaces and add warmth to a room. Select window treatments that let in natural light, then add style and ambience with lamps, wall sconces and under-cabinet lighting.

  2. 6. Open up a space with a mirror.

    A larger mirror on the wall reflects light deep into a room and gives the room a more open feel. Consider hanging a mirror in a place where it will reflect light from windows.

  1. 7. Get creative with storage.

    You can maximize storage in a senior apartment with a few tricks. For example, create more space by going vertical with tall bookcases and floating wall shelving. Look for furniture pieces specially designed with hidden storage, such as ottomans, benches, coffee tables and more.

  1. 8. Green up your space.

    Fresh flowers and houseplants add a beautiful burst of color and greenery that can brighten a room and provide a connection to nature. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries! Authentic-looking artificial plants offer the same benefits without the ongoing maintenance of houseplants or fresh flowers.

  1. 9. Incorporate sentimental items.

    Add personal touches and bring past adventures to life through photos, awards, and memorabilia. Use a digital photo frame to display treasured family photos and the latest pictures of your grandkids.

  1. 10. Make the most of outdoor spaces.

    Extend your living space by choosing comfortable outdoor furniture that fits your style and provides a relaxing retreat where you can take in fresh air and beautiful views. Add a touch of personality with a decorative outdoor rug or planter.

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