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When Is the Right Time for Retirement in a Community?

a group of senior friends enjoy coffee together

Wish We Had Moved Sooner!

If you’re in your early 60s, this question — When is the best time to move to a retirement community? — may have popped into your mind. Perhaps you’ve had friends make the move to independent living already. If so, they’re part of a rising trend of young seniors pulling up stakes and making a fresh start amid the amenities and perks of a senior living community. So what is the ideal age to make your move? The answer is different for everyone, but here are some of the reasons the ideal age might be now:

You See Through the Misconceptions

In decades past, retirement communities were seen as a place where the elderly could safely withdraw and slow down. But as wave upon wave of baby boomers have reached retirement age, that concept has been upended. Boomers are active, tend to value individualism and self-actualization, and many are working longer than the previous generation. They aren’t ready to sit on the sidelines of life, but they appreciate that an independent living community like Casa de las Campanas has wellness programs and other benefits that support their active lifestyle.

You Enjoy a Vacation Lifestyle

One of the underlying pleasures of “getting away from it all” is taking a break from the chores and hassles of daily living. In an independent living community like Casa de las Campanas, that maintenance-free vacation lifestyle is yours permanently. Multiple dining venues, housekeeping, and maintenance are among the services and amenities that ensure your to-do list is filled with activities that are actually meaningful to you. And if wanderlust entices you away from your Casa de las Campanas getaway, you’ll know our 24/7 campus security is protecting your home and belongings while you travel.

You Don’t Want to Say to Yourself, “I Wish I Had Moved Sooner!”

This refrain — Wish we had moved sooner! — is common among seniors who put off the move to an independent living community. That’s because when you’ve handpicked the community that suits your style and temperament, you’ll find that every day holds so much possibility. At Casa, an enticing menu of amenities and opportunities can make deciding how to spend your day both easier and more challenging. How will you choose? Do you want to take your dog to one of the on-campus dog parks? Play bocce ball? Is it book club night? Or maybe your pursuits will take you off campus.  Avid golfers have the pick of 10 golf courses within a 15-minute drive from home. Nature lovers enjoy hiking, biking and birdwatching at the Rancho Bernardo Nature Preserve next door to Casa.

You Don’t Have to Be Retired

Counterintuitively, retirement communities aren’t only for folks who’ve retired. People in independent living may work full time or be semi-retired. In addition to working as much — or as little — as you want, at Casa there are an array of opportunities to take leadership roles within the community or offer meaningful contributions in the surrounding neighborhoods. Join one of our 40 resident committees so you can help shape the Casa de las Campanas culture. Or share your skills and gifts in the local community with one of our volunteer groups.

You Take the Long View

A realistic understanding of the future includes the likelihood that at some point you may experience a health setback, or your health care  needs may change. In a Life Plan Community like Casa de las Campanas, independent living residents can transition to higher levels of care — including assisted living, memory care, rehabilitation or skilled nursing — on the same campus with only a minimal increase in their monthly fee. The financial advantage of locking in a predictable cost for future care is yet another reason for young, active seniors to move to a Life Plan Community.

Find Out for Yourself

If you’re tempted by the perks and possibilities available to active seniors in an independent living community, come by Casa de las Campanas for a visit or put your name on our waiting list. Experience for yourself the relaxed atmosphere, exciting opportunities and beautiful surroundings. Contact us to find out more or to schedule your visit.